"Contemporary Residents" (excerpt)

From the 2007 BluJazz CD release "Contemporary Residents" by Paul Scea.  Recorded in Iowa City, IA.
Paul Scea - flute, soprano & tenor saxophones, wind synthesizer, electronic percussion; Eric Haltmeier - alto saxophone, clarinet; Brent Sandy - trumpet; Steve Grismore - guitar, guitar synthesizer; Anthony Cox - electric bass; Marc Gratama - drums, percussion, electronic percussion. 


‘Shadowplays’ (1994) for alto saxophone, piano, and three percussionists. 
I. Drones of Mayhem and Repose    II. Higher, Faster, Louder  Composed by Kevin Beavers
Eric Haltmeier, alto saxophone; Lya Cartwright, piano.  ‘Shadowplays’ was commissioned by and dedicated to Eric Haltmeier.  This recording is from the World Premiere Performance at the North American Saxophone Alliance/Southeastern Composers League International Conference


"Cranbury Sound Studio"

This piece was created by students in Grades 3-5 as a part of the "Cranbury Sound Studio", an afterschool project sponsored by the Cranbury School PTO and run by Eric Haltmeier.  Using a handheld digital recorder, students collected sounds from around the school (lockers, playground, bells, classroom furniture, etc.).  The sounds were then transferred to a laptop where students could experiment with effects, trigger their sounds from controllers and turn them into their own compositions.


"S.P." composed by Eric Haltmeier and performed by the Eric Haltmeier Trio
Eric Haltmeier - soprano saxophone; Bernhard Geiger - bass; Patrick Van Belle - drums
Recorded live at the 2001 West Virginia Wine & Jazz Festival