The Car Music Project is:
Eric Haltmeier (winds: alto & tenor convertibles, tubeflutes); Bill Milbrodt (air guitar); James Spotto (brass: strutbone, exhaustaphone); Bill Trigg (percarsion); Wilbo Wright (tank bass)

The Ford Motor Company hired C.M.P. founder Bill Milbrodt to design and build an orchestra of instruments for an advertising campaign for the UK Ford Focus.  The members of C.M.P. were hired to provide consultation and design assistance.  Eric Haltmeier provided consultation and design assistance for the wind instruments.  The finished instruments were designed in order to properly perform a musical score that was written for the UK Ford Focus TV commercial.

The finished Ford wind instruments

Car Music Project

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The finished Ford commercial...
Although some minor Hollywood touches were added for TV, the music was played entirely on the designed instruments.